Kinetic Energy | Our Technology
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Our Technology

Our Technology

10 Reasons to Like Kinetic Energy:


2.5 Million times more energy than a Lithium Ion battery.
40,000 times more energy than Gasoline.
600% more output than a similar Solar Cell.
400% more efficient than Wind Power.
50% Cheaper Power Production than Current Power Generation Systems.
Zero-carbon footprint, producing “NO” green-house gas emissions.
Runs for up-to 100 years continuously.
Massive Power and Battery industry “disruptor”.
Early mover technology that re-defines the Power and Battery Industry.
Totally Unique, There is nothing else like it on the face of the planet.

Power Stations of the Future

“Kinetic Energy Power Stations will look like this”


No Green-house Gases ever, and no residual waste

Low cost base load electricity for One Hundred years

Drawing of Kinetic 1,000MWe Power Station, constructed from 1MWe Infinity Power Cell units