Kinetic Energy | Kinetic Cell
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Kinetic Cell

The Kinetic Cell

The Break-Through and Discovery

The “Break-Through” moment came when Kinetic discovered the correct material and process that could be used to create the “semi-conductor material”, that would work easily with most radioisotopes which is the equivalent to the discovery of silicon being the semi-conductor in solar cells.

This newly discovered semi-conductor material could then be used by Kinetic in conjunction with virtually any radio-isotope as the energy source, essentially replacing the light waves of the sun.

Semiconductor Material under electron microscope

Proof of Concept

Above, Proof of concept - electrical output test results, performed at ANTSO by UNSW
Prototype being tested with Stontium-90 (Sr90) by Kinetic at PNNL in Richland, USA
Prototype electrical output shown on current meter from Sr-90 testing in Richland
Prototype tested with Sr90 at PNNL illuminating LED's

Intellectual Property

Kinetic have been granted a provisional worldwide patent under the International PCT Application No. PCT/AU2015/050712 entitled “Power Cell” in the name of Kinetic Energy Australia Pty Ltd.

The priority date for our patent is 14th November 2014

Subsequent to granting of the provisional worldwide patent, we have filed a country patent application in ninety-four (94) countries and territories , these are detailed below: