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About Us

About Us



What makes Kinetic Energy and its revolutionary product the Infinity Power Cell so ground breaking?


Over several years, with dedicated and innovative research, we have uncovered a technology capable of generating clean reliable base load energy for decades!

The Infinity Power Cell proof of concept, built and tested at University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in 2012. Further testing and product refinement ensued, with successful testing at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, in Richland, Washington State, USA. Our patent was granted in 2015.

Our success in testing pushed us to further improve the prototype, and improve the devices capabilities. We have engineered a power cell with 1,000,000 times the energy density of a lead acid battery, and has 600% more power output that an equivalent solar based system.

National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL)

“Kinetic has a Joint Venture (JV) with NNL in England”


Kinetics’ JV with NNL (England) is the cornerstone of our R&D process and product development of Kinetic Energy’s Commercial Power Cells.


Key elements of the JV:

Kinetic has our product development office and laboratory located next to NNL in Sellafield, England


NNL will provide radioisotope, facilities and technical expertise to enable Kinetic to build our Kinetic Power Cells


Regulatory support for Kinetic Power Cell development and launch


NNL will provide access to their own JV partners to explore commercial opportunities


NNL is helping Kinetic to design & build its first commercial Kinetic Cell factory within a few kilometers of NNL Lab’s Sellafield.