Kinetic Energy | Unlimited Power for a New Generation
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Unlimited Power for “Every” Generation

“The only Power Solution on the planet that guarantees your children a Future of Low Cost Power and No Global Warming”.

Our Vision


“Unlimited Power for Every Generation”



“Imagine a world where your cell phone never needs charging and your laptop always has power. In fact, your car, your home and your work place all run on a Power Cell that will operate for decades and never needs recharging, nor will it ever add any greenhouse gases to our atmosphere – you will never pay for natural gas, coal, or oil again; actually, you will never need to stop and recharge anything ever again!


Kinetic Energy’s vision is not just to imagine this world; but to deliberately and pro-actively create it, by manufacturing Kinetic Cells in several strategically located factories and having control over the supply of our key isotope material. Combined with our incredibly focused and well-trained teams of people on the ground, from selling our Kinetic products to our installation and operation teams backing up our Infinity Power Cells with amazing customer service to our millions of global customers.


And as we grow, Kinetic will introduce more and more products into the marketplace from Kinetic Cells for electric cars to trucks and mining equipment, even mobile phones and computer chargers that you can buy at the shop you purchase your smart phone from, we intend to be known as the company, that can power everything from your home to your campervan, and Kinetic Energy shall complete all this not just for a generation or two but for the next 300 plus years; this is Kinetic Energy’s Vision”.


“To Become The Cleanest and Greenest  Global Power Provider Of The Future”

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The Kinetic Cell